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Nate Duncan and Danny Leroux host the most in-depth daily NBA podcast, featuring detailed game breakdowns, salary cap analysis, and scouting.

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How will I listen to members-only podcasts?

After you enter payment information, we'll give you your personal podcast link. Most people will be able to open their podcast player with a tap and subscribe in a few seconds. For other podcast players, it'll just take a minute to copy and paste the feed manually into your app.

Can I use my current podcast player?

You can listen to your private podcasts in the following podcast players: Apple Podcasts, Overcast, Pocketcasts, Podcast Addict, Castbox, BeyondPod, Podbean, Downcast, PlayerFM, Breaker, or RadioPublic. We do not currently support Stitcher, Spotify, Google Podcasts, or NPR One.

How Many Episodes Will Be Subscription-Only?

Four of the five episodes per week will now be exclusively subscription and ad-free. The remaining episode will be public and ad-supported, but subscribers get that one ad-free as well.

Will There Be A Monthly Membership Option?

Yes, but that will not be available until September 8 when the subscription episodes launch. The current presale is for a year membership only. Please see my letter to listeners for more information on pricing options available as of September 8.

I’m Sorry But I Just Can’t Afford Your Pricing. Is There Anything You Can Do For Me?

Absolutely! If you are truly in a difficult situation, maybe as a student or someone whose livelihood has been impacted by COVID-19, we will offer a $5 per month podcast-only membership tier as of September 8, on specific request to duncdonprime@gmail.com. Send us a few words about your situation (no crazy proof required, we trust our listeners to be honest with us) and we’ll greenlight you for the $5 tier. You will receive more information on how to access this pricing after the launch on September 8. We will have to process these orders manually, so please bear with us if it takes a couple of days. 

How Does the Athletic Bundle Work and What is the Pricing After This Year?

Note: the bundle is not available for new signups at the moment. For existing subscribers with that plan: You get a year of both Dunc’d On Prime Total Access and The Athletic for $145. You are grandfathered in to Dunc’d On Prime Total Access at $115 per year (the same deal as the non-bundlers) for as long as you want it. As of now The Athletic part of the deal is only for one year. So next year, unless the The Athletic wants to continue the bundle, you’ll shift to just the $115 per year Dunc’d On Total Access Founding Member rate if you want it.

Can I Take Advantage of The Athletic bundle if I’m Already an Athletic Subscriber?

Unfortunately the deal is intended only for new subscribers. We’re really excited that The Athletic decided to partner with us for what I understand is the first time they’ve tried a bundle like this, and obviously the point of offering such an awesome deal from their perspective is to get new subscribers.

I’m Having Tech Problems Adding the Podcast

Please email our partners help@supportingcast.fm. We are paying them for providing the paywalled podcast service, so they are best equipped to assist you on this.

I Haven’t Gotten The Emailed Content Like the Cap Sheets and Daily Duncs Yet!

Please check your spam filter, as we had a few people who found the email there. The email will come from duncdonprime@gmail.com, so be sure to greenlight that. If problems persist, please email that address and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

I Haven’t Gotten My Code to Activate The Athletic, How Does That Work?

Unfortunately we have to process these orders manually at this point, which we generally do twice a day. Particularly in the first few days after our launch it may take a few hours to email you your redemption link. If you haven’t received it within 24 hours, please email duncdonprime@gmail.com.

Are Gifts Offered?

Absolutely, I hope you’ll agree Dunc’d On Prime will make a great holiday, birthday, or Mother’s/Father’s Day gift.  Here’s the link.

How Many Episodes Will There Be in the Offseason?

We will stick with our normal schedule from the past 5 years, with a 2.5 month period in the offseason where we typically do longer but less frequent episodes. In a typical NBA season that would be mid-July to October 1. During the course of the year, we anticipate around 220 episodes, although we may take the flexibility afforded by the subscription model to add a few more shows here and there because we aren’t committed to Monday-Friday only like when we were ad-supported.

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